The story of the Tuohy family and their trek cross country to bring information and hope to myeloma patients everywhere is being covered by the press wherever they stop.

Kickoff with Dr. Mel
Myeloma patient and weatherman Mel Goldstein of WTNH TV in New Haven, CN helps Team Tuohy kick off their summer tour. Click on the picture for the article and click on the little red camera in the article to view the video.

Fenway Park
At the start of their trip, the Tuohys made a visit to a Red Sox game at Boston's Fenway Park where they were invited down on the field. Watch a video of that day. But note that when the announcer said that Michael was a seven-year survivor, the crowd went wild (!), so wild that the sound on the video went out!! So we miss the electrifying sound of the crowd applauding Michael.
KTTC, Rochester, MN
At their stop at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, the Tuohy's were interviewed by KTTC and appeared on the 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM news.


In Wisconsin, their story was picked up by, who did a two-day piece on their tour!

Photos for download
The Myeloma Mobile
Robin and Michael Tuohy Plan the Tour
Mikey Tuohy at the Wheel
The Tuohys Prepare for the Myeloma Mobile Summer Tour
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